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Sistemas de calefacción integral ACEA offers you the heating system that best adapts to your necessities.

Air heater

This air heater, developed and tested in gas-greenhouses since 1983, it's a compact equipment of direct gas combustion (without chimney), that has demonstrated its swiftness and efficiency in heating the air inside the greenhouses, in doing so, avoids low temperatures from affecting the crop.

Main advantages:

* Electric automatic ignition equipment
* High sensibility and precision thermostat
* Fan of high performance (suppresses the use of air circulators)

Heating by Radiant Tubing

ACEA tutors and offers you the installation and sales of equipment for the radiant tubing system; designed for very low and constant temperatures and which consists of boilers, storage tanks, circulators and radiant tubing, which leads hot water inside the greenhouse, generating and emiting the necessary temperature so that your crops will not suffer stress and allow them to reach major productivity.  It functions by electronic sensors connected to a computerized terminal, with the purpose to monitor and control with great accuracy the operation of the system inside the pre-established ranges, and the different stages of the development of the crop.

Main advantages:

* Designed to provide constant heat to the root and aerial system of the crops
* High sensibility and precision thermostat
* Supported by a computerized system of great reliability and accuracy adaptable to the phenology of the crops