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Because not just the deck is important, ACEA offers the most complete irrigation systems.


Drip irrigation tape: consists of a tape of polyethylene that leads the water, fertilizers and agro-chemicals precisely where the plants need them, these are distributed across regulated issuers and spaced conveniently, increasing the quality and production of your crops.



Tubing or spaghetti drip: is made up of a series of main irrigation lines, which derive from a tube or spaghetti, towards one, two or four plants per transmitter, providing the irrigation by drip that your crops need in a direct manner (useful in hydroponic systems of irrigation).




Irrigation by micro-sprinkler: is composed of a series of irrigation lines, generally aerial or elevated over the plants, and which supply them by means of a micro-sprinkler with high pressure drips, fertilizers or agro-chemicals the plants required.




Mist irrigation: this system is produced when the water is ejected in the form of mist through transmitters located above the crops, which beside supply water or fertilizers, contributes in a certain way to decrease the temperature and elevate the level of relative humidity in the interior of the greenhouse.


Irrigation robot: this system consists in the supply of water (generally through micro-sprinkling), utilizing for this, a mobile equipment that travels the cultivation.  This system is electrically operated, and the longitude of its arms' range can reach up to 10.5 meters.