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This greenhouse has the form of the teeth of a saw, its design puts together some major advantages for a natural ventilation system, each saw tooth has an aperture of 1.5 meters, due to this the natural dynamic of the air inside the greenhouse is better taken advantage of.  That combined with its fully ventilated perimeter walls, ensure to the max the changes in the air inside the compound, achieving the adequate control of the temperature and the relative humidity.


On the other hand, the airtight curtains prevent problems caused by the entry of rain water, this makes it ideal for tropical climates because of its surface ventilation deck.

The greenhouse batisierra has been developed for the intense production of flowers, vegetables andornamentals in medium and big scales.

Main advantages:

  • Ideal for tropical and warm climates
  • Resistant structure with the posibility of tutoreo
  • Interior ventilation guaranteed: manual, motorized or automatic
  • Excellent eviction of rain water with the exclusive use of rain gutters


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