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This greenhouse has zenith, lateral and frontal type of ventilation which added together covers over 24% of the surface area.  The zenith window has a height of 1.4 meters for each tunnel.

Main advantages

Therefore, the greenhouse has a natural ventilation system, thanks to the movement of the air that sets between the central zenith windows of each tunnel and the general lateral windows.  This facilitates the eviction of hot air accumulated in the deck.

Due to its design, the formation of ascending currents sets in, these currents evict the air even without the existance of wind.  It's ideal for tropical and warm climates.  Also, this greenhouse offers the possibility of supporting crop loads through tutoreo.

Fortitude in the structure, flexibility in the design and resistance in its decks, all thanks to the anchor system Poly-Grap © developed by ACEA.

Main advantages:

  • Ideal for tropical and warm climates
  • Tough structure that allows for tutoring
  • Resistant decks thanks to the use of our Poly-Grap © system



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