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Its arc shape optimizes the use of structural material and of decks, where the ventilation is done by the use of curtains that are found along the greenhouse on both walls, equipped with anti-aphid netting that diminish the "edge effect" in the crop up to a 90%.

It has been used for many years, with great success by hortculturists and nurserymen.  It is ideal for seed germination, stake rooting, flower production, ornamental plants, forest species and mushroom production.


Main advantages:

  • Control the damages caused by the wind
  • Reduce the evapotranspiration of plants
  • Avoid the entry of great quantities of insects
  • Apply a less quantity of pesticides, which in turn reduces costs
  • Place tutores on its structure
  • Take advantage of the vertical space to hang pots from the structure
  • Work with agricultural machinery in the interior



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