Most frequently asked questions

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1.- Where should I install a greenhouse?

A greenhouse should be installed where services such as water, electric energy, telecommunications, roads and manpower are available.

2.- I want to produce flowers and vegetables, Why should I install a greenhouse?
When producing flowers and vegetables inside a greenhouse, you're going to obtain a better quality and quantity of the product in such a way that you may guarantee a vast and constant supply in the market and not be a temporary supplier since you'll be able to produce all year long.

3.- I live in a warm and cold climate, What greenhouse model should I get?
The greenhouse should have the required characteristics to be able to tightly shut and have perfect ventilation during the day, for this, our company has the greenhouses Batisierra, Baticenital and Starglow which may solve your problem.

4.- I'm a small producer and don't count with a lot of money, Which greenhouse do you recomment?
Depending on the zone where you find yourself, the climatology has to be studied, the maximun extreme temperature, the minimun extreme temperature and the velocity of the wind, also, we must take into account the height above sea level where the property is located.
For example: If I'm somewhere between 1800 and 2000 meters above sea level with a minimum extreme temperature of -3ºC and a maximun temperature of 22ºC, and the property's size is of an hectare, it is possible to install a Batitunel greenhouse.  We recommend you fill out our form so that you may provide us with enough information to  better assist and advise you.

5.- I'm a politic and a state functionary and I'm interesting in supporting producers, What type of project does your company recommend?
To support producers with government resources the first thing to take into consideration is the size of the organization to which the support is going to and see if it's profitable to install in the community a greenhouse in the backyards of the housewives or make a greater investment to generate local sources of work.  For that, the minimum surface size must be of 3 hectares.  With this exploitation it is possible to generate work sources for 30 people, a technician and administrative personnel, also it is possible to turn to constant markets and even export.